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May 05, 2014






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

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Underwater Spectacles

Do you wear Spectacles?
Well, i do, and frankly i believe that being myopic has restricted me a from a great number of sports, those being things like Mixed Martial Arts and Swimming, there's probably a lot more than what I've stated but personally I've felt that these two are the most compromised. About Mixed Martial Arts, i'm just saying that when you watch TV and turn on maybe UFC or WWE, what are the chances you see a bespectacled fighter? Of course i'm not saying that they don't exist, but it could almost become a handicap in these situations, and for swimming especially, be it for leisure or serious competition, it's just been kind of a, well, dead weight.
I was myopic at the age of 8 and have been bespectacled ever since then and that was around the year 2002, where things like smartphones were non-existent and outdoor activities were more "in", it was a time where people would meet up astronomically more than they do now, seeing that now text messages and online messaging seem to reduce human contact, and playing with water was supposedly at the epitome of these activities as the crème de la crème.
And for me, well, i was left out on a lot of water activities because of my myopia, and even when i tried to overcome that and just went into the water with goggles, it was difficult because i couldn't see anything underwater, and even when my friends were playing games above water like "water monkey" , it was hard to actually see and pass the ball because it was all blurred, and sometimes because of that i would accidentally pass the ball to the monkey because i couldn't distinguish face without my spectacles and it would be the start of a terrible time....
Unless of course, we're living in bikini bottom,
or we live in the world of magic like Harry Potter,
Putting on spectacles underwater and to accurately see in them is going to be hard, really hard..
Speaking from experience, I've tried it, and it ended up in a costly failure.
In short, i tried swimming underwater with my glasses on because i was tired of not being able to see underwater and just blindly going in random directions, so i tried it that way and well, one of the two lenses attached fell out..
It . Literally .  Fell . Out.
I was left with one intact lens when i resurfaced, and of course at first i didn't notice.
Sure, my vision was blur but i thought that was like a side-effect of staying in the water too long or some of the water got into my eyes or something until sometime passed and minutes later a friend affirmed my fears by pointing it out to me.
I tried looking for the lenses, but it was already a lost cause, i was trying to find transparent lenses in a public pool, can you imagine the magnitude of the task? It was far worse than a needle in a haystack because at least needles and haystacks were different colors but the lenses and the pool just blended together like they were conspiring against me.
Of course it didn't work as a single lens..
or even as a monocle (LOL)..
Oh well.
Then i gave up in time and i had to pay a hefty sum to get them replaced and ever since then I've never tried swimming ever again.
But then recently I've come across swimming goggles with DEGREES, which is kind of like a beacon of hope to someone myopic as me, although it may be a little bit too late, 
So these swimming goggles come in different degrees, ranging from 200 - 600 for both eyes, while it is true that people may have different degrees for both left and right eyes, the differential usually isn't that much and you can see clearly maybe +/- 30 degrees or so, of course you could just take another alternative and just get them made, but that would be really, really expensive because you're going to custom make your own swim goggles with degrees, and it's not like you use it every day like spectacles, so why go through all that expense when you can just buy the swim goggles with degrees closet to yours?
It looks inconspicuous, just like any other goggles but of course it's utility in catering for myopic people surpasses that of just "any other goggles" ;D
Well hopefully this recommendation helps some of you with the problem of not being able to see underwater because of myopia and that now you can swim with your friends and family and still being able to distinguish who from who!
Well Thanks For Reading!

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