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May 16, 2014






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


Fast Towel?

Hi guys, what do you think the most refreshing thing to do after work everyday is?


For me its, 



Taking a Shower


It's one of the things that we do everyday almost unconsciously, but each time we take a shower, it never fails to freshen us up, but as good as it all sounds, there is usually always one inconvenience to it, which is usually having wet hair for too long, and even after i dry it thoroughly with my towel, it's never really dry and it's still kind of dripping all over the place, but ever since the release of the "Microfiber Fast Drying Towel" that problem's just become a thing of the past.


It comes with the tagline of "Safe & Fast" which makes people think , why safe? Because using a hair dryer actually damages your hair and if you choose the alternative and let it remain wet or damp for too long, your hair becomes damaged as well, so because it dries 20% faster than normal towels and it comes with a sewn in button to help you tie it into a bundle easily (No lessons needed friends)! This also means that if you come home late one day and you want to take a shower and sleep after that but your wet hair's preventing you from doing so is no longer an issue because of how fast this actually dries your hair



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