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May 26, 2014






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


Couch Table

The Couch.
It's a very comfortable place to relax and watch TV, and perhaps do everything else, but we cant really do that, because there aren't actually tables suitable for sofas, like you walk in a furniture shop, you're not likely going to find a table that's going to cater to the sofa's portions, be it the sides, the legs or maybe even the height, and suppose you do find this mythical table, you'd have to get either 2 or 4 sofas to complete the set and that's going to be costly and space-consuming, 
and its probably going to be pretty ugly if you're going to put two sofas (minimally) facing a table.So the problem isn't with the sofa, i mean, honestly, what could be wrong with the sofa? It's the most ingenious furniture created since the dawn of mankind. So the problem here is with the table, and since the sofa's perfect, i mean being all great and all , the only thing that needs to change would be the table!
Well the thing is, there's just the thing created for that kind of scenario which looks like this..
And then you will look into the attractiveness of the pink font background and then think,
"How is this any different from having like a laptop table?"
The answer is simple and easy, it's the height and posture differences!
While i am not denying that a laptop table works in this scenario, don't get me wrong, while i coined the name of this product to be a "couch table" it's not that simple in it's applications, it can be used for many other things ( places ) such as beds or chairs or even even on the floor because it's height actually adjustable and what i mean in posture is that normally you would sit with your legs straight when using a laptop table on your bed, but this one actually makes you sit straight. This is more-suited for working and well, stuff in general.
When you're working and you're lying down you won't "work" very long, and eventually the silent lullabies of the bed will lull you to sleep gently, quietly and surely so you pretty much won't get work done, and in terms of other things like eating, it's better for digestion if you're sitting up as opposed to semi-lying down with your legs flat straight. So all in all this actually is better in terms of "Productivity" than a standard laptop table, it can be as compact as one in terms of storing, but not in terms of travel, but nonetheless it's still more effective than a one.
                        Fully Detachable and Easy-Keeping!

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