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May 26, 2014






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


The Wire Hider

Have you ever looked at the clutter that resulted from messy wiring and just felt like screaming out of  sheer frustration? Or when your plug extension ran out of open sockets and you're trying to unplug one to put another one you need in, but find yourself unable to do so because the wires are all tangled up beyond recognition and just leave it there and slowly it stacks up and becomes a tumbleweed that goes along absorbing wires along the way and eventually you just give up trying to organize them and when there comes a time you need to use one of them really badly you're not only trying to find a needle in a haystack, but also trying to run a thread through it at the same time
Yeah it's not impossible, but it's long and tiring and takes patience, which sometimes we just don't have in those times of dire need!
So with that problem comes a solution in the form of a box!
Now all your wires will enter at the opening point of the box and all converge at the ending point of the box which makes for organized wires! You can choose to keep them cluttered too of course and no one will know! Of course it's even better if you want to organize them which is also possible with this box where you can keep them neatly tied up according to their lengths and uses and either remove when not need, or tie them up neatly and leave them there for further use or place it aside neatly while you use it's socket for another wire until you need it again!
Not to mention, a household without cluttered wires also makes for a safer environment for your children, or even you yourself because having too many wires all over the place invites unwanted accidents like tripping over them or in more severe cases : electrocution from exposed wires.
All in all, may it be keeping your wires organized, or making your home a safer environment, the Wire Hider is a welcome addition to any household!

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