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April 29, 2014






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


The Travelling Flame

A long, long time ago, in a time where dragons ruled the earth, and their monarch asked a question of her minions,
"How do we make ourselves look deadlier to the mortals?"
 Her underlings were confused and in their disarray, they replied,
" But we already breathe fire and have pointy claws!"
The monarch sighed, her army that has survived through countless battles could not even come up with a way to look more menacing despite the supposed wisdom that came with (their) longevity
But then the court jester went up to the monarch and said nonchalantly,
"What if we fart fire?"
And poof!
The lighter was invented.
Well, that's not exactly how the lighter was invented, but it is a different way of imagining it. Just imagine that you were carrying the living legacy of dragons eons past and it's no more than a fart! Well anyway on to the topic, some of you might think the title "Travelling Flame" seems strange for a lighter, but truth is none to most of the lighters we carry, never actually travel, because of the gas "snicker" in the lighters we're unable to bring it aboard planes, and even might even end up paying a hefty fine if we were caught with it, and the only solution would be to throw away the lighter and buy another at the airport or destination.
That's inconvenient.. and costly!
But recently i've come across this new, revolutionary lighter that solves that problem! It's actually a USB Lighter that's not only slim and sleek, but it's also smaller than your normal lighter! This light is electricity-powered, charges by USB, and looks like a thumb drive, but sadly isn't, but good for us, it's masqueraded as one!
 See? Wow those ninjas really outdid themselves this time eh? You can't even tell the difference between this and a normal thumb drive.
But do not be fooled dear readers, for this is a true blue lighter!
Not to mention it's windproof?! That's just unbelievable!
Except, well , it... isn't.. :D
This lighter is truly the epitome of daylight smuggling where you can finally bring in your own lighter into airports without fear of having to throw it away, or buy a new one, or actually being caught by the security at the baggage checks because it's not gas powered like other conventional lighters, but it's totally electrical! It also has a safety function that the fire will auto-turn itself off after 5 seconds of lighting it.Did i also mention that since it's electrically powered, it means it's rechargeable and....
That actually means that this lighter may well be the last lighter you ever need to spend money on.It also comes in different varying colors for you to choose from!
Maybe at last, the flame ( of a lighter ) can finally travel..
Thanks for reading!

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