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May 04, 2017






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


Smartphone = Shopping + Food + Convenience. Have you try food delivery?

In my personal experience, I would be convenient for me to stay at home and order online for items that I need or food that I eat. With the growing demand of consumers, services have been offered for the convenience of the consumers. For example, some department stores or appliance centers now offers delivery services and that's convenient for me especially for those who works from morning till the evening and no more time to go out and shop. 

Other reasons for ordering in: Being able to catch up on television shows and movies (cited by 41 percent of respondents), and the appeal of eating alone (about 25 percent). As a result of a survey by research firm Mintel, there's an increase in the number of people who doesn't want to leave home -- not even for food. 

“Before, when people thought of delivery, it’d be pizza or maybe a Chinese restaurant,” said Caleb Bryant, an analyst at Mintel. “Now any food, from fast food to fine dining, can be delivered right to your couch.”

With the constant upgrade, we have with technologies almost 100% of the shops or companies already set up their virtual stores as well and that helps with the marketing and added services to patronizers. At the end of the day, everyone would love to eat and due to a busy schedule and the need to stay at work late to finish stuff, ordering food online are the main option of getting energy from. 

In the presence of delivery services of food chains, it is really beneficial and appealing to customers if the food ordered will be delivered as freshly cooked or still hot. This would make consumers feel that they've been taken cared of and that the company is really serious at providing the best services for customers. 

“This is really about convenience,” Bryant said. “People can get restaurant-quality meals at home, without having to gather together their friends or significant other.”

Companies started investing on food delivery trucks, motorcycles, and delivery backpacks. Backpacks that would surely keep their food fresh. Here's a sample of a backpack,

With all this in mind, we can only think of the things that we(consumers) can benefit from food delivery. However, delivery services can either make or break a company's image too. This is what we will talk about in the next blog. 


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