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January 31, 2017






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


Kitchen gadgets!

Before a gadget released to the public market, may it be kitchen, electronics or any other general type of gadget, it will be put to test. This is it to make sure that it will be able to do the features that it was designed for. 

In this video, you'll be able to see kitchen gadgets that has been put to test. 

1. Spadle

2. Obol

3. Polygons

4. Foodpod

5. Scoop

6. Egg Shaping

7. Spiral cucumber slicer

8. Spiral Potato slicer

9. Savel

10. Fish Scraper

Those are just a few of the items that can be released to the market or may have been released already. :) 

(c) Fox8 hd

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