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December 06, 2016






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Appliance repair tips!

Our refrigerator is one of the important appliances we have at home ever since it was invented. Almost all household has a refrigerator at home. 


Here is a list of the most commonly replaced parts associated with each refrigerator symptom:

Fridge not cold enough: evaporator or condenser fan motor, start relay, control thermostat
Fridge not defrosting: defrost control board, timer, heater assembly, thermostat
Fridge is too noisy: fan blade, evaporator or condenser fan motor, compressor
Fridge is too warm but freezer is cold: evaporator fan motor, damper control, thermistor, control board
Fridge leaking water: water tank assembly, water inlet valve
Fridge freezing food: thermostat, thermistor, control board, damper control

It's still best to let the expert check your appliance and repair it for you. :) 

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