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March 02, 2017






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


20 Amazing New Uses For Used Everyday Items

Recycling and reusing our everyday items with these life hacks is one of the best ways to help reduce global waste. Let's help the planet with these 20 amazing new uses for used everyday items!

1. Old Newspaper

2. Old Make-up brush

3. Pool Noodles

4. Used Lotion Bottle

5. Plastic bottles

6. Toilet Paper Tubes

7. Pringles Can

8. Tissue Boxes

9. Old lipsticks

10. Old Credit Cards

11. Old Ketchup Bottles

12. Tictac Containers

13. Shoe Holder

14. Old Toothbrush

15.  Tictac Containers

16. Old Mouse Pad

17. Old Cork

18. Used Straw

19.  Muffin/Cupcake Tins

20. Shower Curtain Hooks

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