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February 13, 2015






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Top Picks for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we took a look at the hottest searches on popular shopping sites worldwide to see what women were looking for this season as gifts for their significant others.

Amongst the searches for Valentine's Day gifts "for men" or "for him", the top Valentine’s Day picks went to fragrances, wallets and gadgets. Hurrah!

Traditionally, we would expect V-Day sales spikes in many product categories for men or usually associated with men, including:

  • Men's Apparel
  • Men's Accessories
  • Tools
  • Outdoor Recreation Goods
  • Gadgets and Consumer Electronics

The results for recent years were different. Most of these categories didn't display any significant Valentine's Day bump, however there were a few that did prove to be popular among the girlfriends and wives.


On The Hit List

Between the top picks for men, fragrances for men was the clear winner. Men’s fragrances amount to a whopping $200,000 in weekly sales on eBay alone throughout the V-Day shopping season.

Wallets were next on the list, with a significant spike in buys as the big day approaches. Other popular choices were tablets, men’s sleepwear and robes, and… video games? Yes indeed. Video games, together with its accessories and attachments, saw a clear mid-February sales bump, and these begin during the week of Valentine’s Day.

While there is no way to know for sure whether the buyers of these items are men or women, and whether the popularity peaks are directly related to Valentine’s Day, it’s undeniable that consumer electronics are a favourite among male consumers. It’s easier to imagine her buying an Xbox for him than to imagine vice versa.


The Surprising Absences

Missing from the hit list are stereotypical male gifts like dress shirts and ties, outdoor sports gear, hand or power tools, et cetera. Even though these items do well during the December holidays, and early in the new year particularly in January, almost all of these do not experience any specific Valentine's Day spike. And the buying only starts well after V-Day has passed.

Whether women are simply happier buying cologne than they are buying sportswear for their guy, or whether men simply prefer cologne and iPads to ties, cufflinks or gym memberships – and their girlfriends know it, we know ‘tis the season for lavish V-Day gift-giving and we hope you’ve already got just the perfect present for him.

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