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June 10, 2014






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


Clip-on Filter

Taking pictures nowadays are all the rage since the emergence of instagram as a social media, that has been proven more evident in today's society.
People have always tried to distance themselves from the ways of another, and even more so in taking pictures, they use different filters, take different viewpoints and sometimes even offer different forms of presentation. It's sort of been an (unspoken) contest to see who has the best selfie, and sometimes people with the craziest of ideas that ends up with the most unexpected of outcomes are the ones in which videos or pictures truly capture our interest or attention.
One such example is Mr Jared Micheal , he attempted to take a selfie of himself when a train was going past behind him, probably less than a meter away from the track itself. What resulted in that endeavour was that he was kicked in the head by the conductor of the train who probably may have saved his life, unknown to Mr Micheal, but nonetheless, taking a selfie and getting kicked in the head by the ocnductor makes for a kick-ass title doesn't it?
And it was proven!

Because on his youtube page, he uploaded that selfie video ( I suppose he took a video by accident or something ) and his page achieved more than 18 million views! And if you didn't know youtube views can actually be converted to real-life money and 18million would amount to somewhere around 250k.
Wow that's a lot of money!
So this product comes into play because it actually gives you the means to take great pictures, be it selfies or just normal pictures, it'll provide a suitable filter that you can just easily clip-on to your mobile phone camera, and since it's clip on, it's easy to attach and remove and consequently change the filter settings! Of course, i'm not saying that using this will magically earn you 18 million views of any video you take with it, because ultimately,
The Cameraman makes the photo, not the camera.

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