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February 24, 2014






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


Gizmon ICA – Transform your iPhone instantly into a classic Leica camera!


What could be cooler than the idea of combining the facts that we love our iPhones and vintage cameras, and creating an iPhone case that looks like a classic Leica? Inspired by Japanese artists, the Gizmon iCA provides an unusual alternative to the traditional plastic iPhone case. It adds a classic style camera around the iPhone so you look like you’re holding a vintage camera rather than a phone. The logo on the packaging hints that this is Leitz copying at work, and when you see the camera you may certainly recognise elements of an old Leica rangefinder.

If you’re committed to the retro aesthetic in your iPhone photography then this is the perfect case just for you! Composed of 23 superbly durable polycarbonate pieces, the Gizmon ICA allows you to carry your iPhone around like a classic camera. An added bonus feature that it will enable you to use will be the Gizmon fisheye, wide angle or macro lens (which has to be bought separately) to complete your professional photography set! 

You can even mount it on a regular camera tripod for stability while taking your pictures!




  • Composed of 23 superb durable polycarbonate pieces for an added quality
  • A unique, stylish case that resembles a classic Leica!
  • You can still use all iPhone functions with the GIZMON iCA on your iPhone.
  • Strap holes to secure in your favorite strap. (Strap is not inclusive)
  • Could be mounted on tripods stands. (Tripods stands is not inclusive)
  • Mock lens ( both thick and thin)
  • Shutter mode, optical viewfinder and a mock-up lens mirror for self-portraits taking!
  • Works great with Gizmon applications like ProCamera,  iMovie, PhotoToaster, SuperPopCam etc
  • Each set comes with a microfiber bag for convenient carry



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