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March 04, 2017






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10 Surprising Uses Of Toothpaste You Didn't Know

All we know is that toothpaste can clean my teeth and freshen my breath. :) All we don't know is, there other things that you can use the toothpaste on. Here are just example:

1. Healing pimple

2. Removes crayon marks on walls (non gel)

3. It can shine Chrome

4. Removes Scuffs from leather shoes (non gel)

5. Great sink cleaner (non-gel)

6. Takes out the funky smell out of the baby bottle

7. Sparkles your diamonds and gold pieces

8. Makes your CD, DVDs or Games playable again (non-gel)

9. It can save your phone screen

10. It can take food smells off your hands

These actually come handy! 


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