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December 12, 2016






When you go to someone's house,

you feel more of a sense of intimacy than you do in a restaurant.

It's more personal.


10 in 1 Tool that you need

We have an ongoing promo of our 10 In 1 Kitchen Tool and yes, it's 10-in-1. It means you can use this one tool for 10 different usages.

Here are the things that you can use the item for:

  1. Scissors
  2. Screwdriver 
  3. Knife 
  4. Meat/Vegetable Cutter
  5. Bottle cap opener
  6. Can Lid Opener
  7. Peeler
  8. Scaler
  9. Nut Cracker
  10. Wine/Bottle Opener

Isn't it the best tool that you can possibly have without storing all the other tools at home. You can check out its video here: 

 Go ahead and grab yours now here

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