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Retractable Dog Leash

    • Allow dog to wander around as if it is off leash
    • Leash can be operated gently while controlling your dog
    • Hassle-free – no need for manual adjustment of leash
    • Comfortable handle to cater to your needs
    • Enjoyable walk for both owner & dog
    • Available in 5 colours: Yellow, Sky Blue, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Dark Blue
    • Approximate dimensions: Extendable up to 3m
    • Approximate weight: 200g
    • While walking your dog is a win-win situation for your health and your pet’s urge to roam actively outdoors, that feeling of attachment you have on your dog should not restrict its movement when it is on a leash. This retractable dog leash is just what you will need for that short walk with your pet. You shall not worry about your dog straying too far as the leash provides them the freedom they need to wander around.

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