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Running Belt with Two Water Bottle Pockets

This running belt includes with two water bottle pockets, perfect for running, hiking or cycling. It is designed to sit comfortably on your waist and is perfectly balanced for a stable, bounce-free endurance run or long hike. This hydration belt comes adjustable elastic straps that goes on super-fast and makes for easy fit adjustments. The materials are high quality, durable and made for maximum comfort.
  • Lightweight neoprene fabric design: Snug fit ensures the running belt does not cause any irritation or rubbing, it is elastic, durable and waterproof
  • Two 250ml bottle holders: keep you hydrated for your run
  • Large storage pack while no chafing and doesn't add bulk so you won't get weighed down while running
  • Reflective tabs and adjustable straps: flat measurement - shortest 80cm & longest 100cm; expandable up to another 50cm

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