UV Deodorizing Shoe Dryer | Shoppy
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UV Deodorizing Shoe Dryer

    • Available in black and white
    • Dries all shoes, socks, gloves, small bags in minutes
    • Perfect for rainy summer/quick overnight drying
    • UV rays kill germs and prevent foot diseases
    • Heat emission
      • Dry shoes anytime, anywhere
      • Eliminate odor
      • Extend lifespan of footwear
      • Keep shoes fresh & comfortable
    • Auto switch-off timer; No supervision required
    • 100% safe and soundless
    • Low power consumption
    • Product Specifications:
      • Dimension: 28 x 18 x 9cm
      • Power: 220V~50W
      • UV rays and heat emission
      • Heat Resistant accessories

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