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Shoppy Trevor Reading Gaming Cushion Chair

If you’re a big-time gamer, this chair is officially the only friend you need in your life.

The current generation of video game consoles all sport wireless controllers that let gamers sit back on a couch, but let’s be honest, that’s not where they want to be. Video games today are made with insanely high-definition graphics, and anyone who plays them often knows that the best seat in the house is right in front of the screen to get close to the action. This is how gamers like you end up sitting on the floor is many different postures that is not ideal for your health. The combination of sore knees, back and tired buttocks makes it torturing. Shoppy Trevor Reading Gaming Cushion Chair helps you maintain good posture!

The outward-leaning spine which easily adapts to your front or back side. It’s padded with soft foam, and actually helps you maintain good posture while playing.

This floor chair is expertly designed to fully support all the gamer’s sitting needs. Whether you are looking to sit on it in the boring traditional forward-seated way, or you are looking to take advantage of all its advanced features by turning it around.

Even if you're not a gamer, this chair still has lots to offer. It is ideal for lounging anywhere you want to! Make yourself comfortable whilst reading, using your laptop, enjoying a meal, the list can go on. Doing almost everything you can at home will be so much more relaxing and pleasant with the Shoppy Trevor Reading Gaming Cushion Chair. It does not compromise the health of your back in any way either. 

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