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Shoppy Shoe Deodorization Dryer Dehumidifier

  • Rubber capsule to absorbs water, removes odour, gives protection, keeping your shoes fresh.
  • This model comes with natural dehumidifier, featuring type-B silica gel with extremely strong absorption power (this type-B silica gel dehumidifier can absorb up to 50% of its weight or more, remove unpleasant odour, repel insects and mould, among other functions.
  • Contrasted with other common one-time usage dehumidifier, ours features a semi-permanent usage trait, and can be used as long as possible if not spoilt upon usage).
  • No plugging-in for electricity required, saves energy, absorbs moisture in the most natural and healthy way, bringing to you a comfortable and dry environment.
  • It can be used for the wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen, drawers, storeroom and many more. All of you who are deeply affected by a unpleasantly humid environment, get one of this for yourself right now!

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