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Shoppy Reverse Inventer Rain Free Umbrella

No more getting stuck trying to open your umbrella through the narrow car door opening during heavy rains! The Reverse Umbrella is nothing like your normal umbrella - it's innovative, better, tougher and cooler!

  • Hands-free. Handle of umbrella is uniquely designed to be hands-free
  • No more getting wet. Design of umbrella allows reverse closing - getting wet is a thing of the past
  • Drip free. Reverse umbrella opens inside out - Think of it like a flower opening. This leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when closed. Reverse umbrella is dry to handle. It won't drip on the floor or soak anything it touches. 
  • Opens/Closes in confined spaces. Getting into your car, you can close into the smallest gap of a car door, whilst remaining dry. Now you can even put the Reverse umbrella on your car seat without soaking it! 


    Easy to open and close in a crowd. Reverse umbrella opens up and over the user avoiding poking in the eye! Perfect in a crowd.
  • Strong in the wind. As the Reverse umbrella is double spoked, it is extremely strong. It can't be blown inside out by the wind because it's already inside out.
  • Dimensions: Diameter 108cm x Height 80cm  
  • Corporate Order are welcome to include your specified logo and color 

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