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Shoppy Marble Pestle & Mortar Grinder

This pestle and mortar piece is definitely an affordable and durable piece that can of a lot of help in the kitchen! It can act as a garlic pugging pot as well!

Made from all-natural elements, crafted as one-body, coloured with natural, non-synthetic plants pigments. Carefully, skilful handcraft for excellent quality.

The interior
Never undergone machine-polishing, natural grain pattern can still be seen clearly. Thick mortar body with incredible quality.

The base
Sand-frosted base that increases surface friction and prevents slip. Crafted wholly as one-body, definitely not spliced from multiple ingredients or from hard-pressured stone powder.

The pestle
Never undergone machined-polishing, increases ease for crushing and grinding. Crafted as one-body, streamlined body design for enhanced grip and handling.

  • Grind your condiments to the tinest for quality food smell and fast cooking
  • Durable and high quality pot
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 12cm
  • Weight:1.7kg

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