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Shoppy Flex Shower Caddy

Flex was designed to take up minimal space in the shower while still accommodating larger bottle sizes. The flexible silicone bands, inspired by bungees used for truck tail gates, stretch to fit your favourite shower products. Two shelves have an incorporated soap dish and silicone straps to store razors. This unique shower caddy is "FLEX"ible in mounting configurations. 

  • Made from molded plastic and silicone rubber designed to last without rusting
  • Designed with hooks for mounting over shower head or over the door. Plus, 2 suction cups on the back hold the caddy securely in place against the shower wall
  • Contains 4 side hooks for added storage for loofahs or washcloths
  • 2 colour (Mysterious Grey & Alluring Blue); Holds up to 5kg
  • Dimension: 10cm(W) x 33.5cm(L) x 65 cm(H)

* Includes: extra wide shelves with openings to store bottles upside for easy access; concave slots for draining water or storing bar soap; rubber straps to secure contents on shelves.

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