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Shoppy Battery-less Doorbell

Always finding it difficult to provide maintenance for your doorbell? You rather do without, yet when someone knocks on your door, you cannot hear them. Fret not, this battery-less doorbell with a long lifetime is here to stay! Just plug in the adaptor and VIOLA! 
  • Long lifetime - 20 years no need to change battery!
  • Connectivity lasts till 150m far
  • One adaptor capable of connecting to more than one doorbell
  • Strong penetration - can penetrate through 3 metal walls and 3 brick walls and still work!
  • Waterproof design - can work under -40degrees environment and under rainy environment
  • Dimensions:
    • Doorbell - 2.6cm x 4.4cm x 7.9cm
    • Adaptor - 3cm x 4.9cm x 7.9cm

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