Shoppy Angel Cherub Wings Hairbrush Detangler | Shoppy
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Shoppy Angel Cherub Wings Hairbrush Detangler

Never worry about tangled or frizzy hair ever again with the new Shoppy Angel Cherub Hairbrush! Add this brush with a detailed wing motif to your vanity and spice up your room with the array of colours we offer. Pamper your scalp with super soft bristles which will make your hair become silky, smooth and shiny in no time! 

- Anti-static and water resistant; use the brush in the shower and not worry about flyaway hair

-  Anti-bacterial bristles keep your hairbrush ultra-hygienic and clean

- Heat-resistant hairdryer-friendly; can withstand up to 115 °C

- Contoured base retains full bristle height even after your hair has been detangled

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