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Set of Travel Buddies

  • Includes:
      • 1 x Digital Luggage Scale
      • 1 x Colourful Luggage Strap With Lock
      • 1 x TSA Approved Number Lock
  •  Digital Luggage Scale
      • Accurate & able to support weights up to 50kg
      • Features auto power off, and a quick release strap that easily adjusts to any size handle
      • High precision strain gauge sensors system
  •  Colourful Luggage Strap With Lock
      • Added security for your luggage in case of broken locks or zipper
      • Bright colours make suitcase easy to recognize on airport luggage belt
  •  TSA Approved Number Lock
      • Internationally recognized locks
      • Allow appropriate authorities to check your luggage without breaking any locks
      • 3-digit code for added security
      • Available in 5 colours: Yellow, Red, Fruity Green, Hot Pink, Black


  •  Specifications:
    • Digital Luggage Scale
      • Capacity: 50kg / 10g (Unit: g kg lb)
      • Graduation= 5g / 10g
      • Over load indication
      • Power: 1 × 2032 Battery (included)
      • Measures 5.51" x .98" x 1.18"
    • Colourful Luggage Strap With Lock
      • Approximate dimensions: (W) 5cm x (L) 1.9m (Fully extended)
    • TSA Approved Number Lock
      • Approximately dimensions: 6cm (H) x 3 (W) cm
      • Approximately weight: 33g

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