Perfect Posture Armrest Mouse Pad | Shoppy
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Perfect Posture Armrest Mouse Pad

    • Reduce soreness & fatigue on spine, shoulder, arms and wrists
    • Ideal for long hours of work or computer usage
    • Prevent myopia from worsening due to inappropriate posture
    • Evenly distributes entire arm weight
    • Comfortable & conducive
    • Enhance blood circulation
    • Easily swiveled aside when not in use
    • Attachable to desk or chair
    • Soft surface pad provides extra comfort
    • Specifications:
      • Approx Dimension: 45(L) x 14-20(B) cm
      • For Attachment:
        • Desk Thickness Max.: 4cm
        • Chair Width Max.: 7cm
        • Chair Thickness Max.: 5cm
        • Material: Durable ABS plastic
    • No assembly tools required

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