Magic Lingerie Laundry Balls in Set of 2 | Shoppy
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Magic Lingerie Laundry Balls (Set of 2)

    • No more tiring and troublesome hand wash or separate washing
    • Prevent tangling, wrinkled bras strap losing elasticity
    • Protect and keep in shape expensive bra and undergarment
    • Gently rubs and cleanses lingerie & other clothes in the washer
    • Save 25% of detergent; increased foaming effect
    • Each ball holds up to 3 bras
    • Designed from durable plastic with ventilation slots
    • Washing machine & Dryer safe
    • Specifications:
      • Size: 18*18*18cm
      • Color: Pink
      • Fits up to Bra size 38D

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