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Korean Skin Care Gift Set

Mother's Day Special - Pamper Her!

We have specially curated these ever popular, in demand skin care products to suit your needs. Rest assure that our product is 100% authentic as it is directly imported from South Korea.

Brands included Laneige, A.H.C, W Lab, Miss En Scene, Papa Recipe, 23 Years Old, Diaforce.

A - Easy self dyeing with ammonia free, rich and soft bubbles. Joyful dyeing with sweet coconut fragrance!

B - Hydro-gel gold eye patch paired with the highly raved sleeping mask for maximum skin pampering.

C - Peel off package that gives enhances your makeup look with smoother and more even skin surface.

D - Total nourishing pore tightening package that increases skin resilience, moisturise at the same time.

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