Shoppy Food Packing Hot Heat Pressed Sealer Bag Machine | Shoppy
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Shoppy Food Packing Hot Heat Pressed Sealer Bag Machine

    • Environmentally friendly – reseal any plastic bags without need for ziplocks
    • Seal the freshness, nutrients & flavours of food quickly
    • Minimize food wastage – seal unfinished tidbits & allows easy food portioning
    • Lock out unwanted pest
    • Hygenic; prevents food from going stale quickly
    • Cordless design for great portability
    • Seal valuables during travelling or camping to prevent water damage
    • Trying to reach out to your leftovers in the fridge is cut halfway upon finding out that they turned stale. Preserve the freshness with this food sealer that reseals any plastic bags without the need for ziplocks. No more rotten stuff or unwanted pests near your food when it’s on the table, cupboard or in the fridge – this sealer will be your ultimate kitchen utility. Seal unfinished tidbits and allow easy food portioning using the cordless machine of this food sealer. You can even use it as a protective case for your valuables when travelling.

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