Dual Power Abs Wheel | Shoppy
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Dual Power Abs Wheel

    • Fast & effective workout for a lean & ripped body
    • Trims fats; strengthens core, arms, shoulder, back, thighs
    • All-rounded professional workout regime in the comfort of your homes
    • 20 mins a day; 3 times a week for a great physical toning
    • Various form of exercises for a single workout gadget
    • Dual wheels provide optimal stability
    • Anti-slip foam handle allows moisture absorption for sweaty palms
    • Rubber mat for safe cushioning of knee joints
    • Specifications:
      • Package includes:
        • 1 x Dual Power Abs Wheel
        • 2 x Stainless Steel Rods
        • 2 x Anti-slip Foam Grip
        • 1 x Cushioning Mat
      • Approximate dimensions: 50 x 15cm
      • Stainless steel metal frame
      • Durable PVC wheels

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