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DIY 3D Baby Hands & Feet Casting Kit

  • All in one casting kit
  • Captures fine details - creases, folds, nails, etc
  • Safe - non-toxic casting powder
  • Non-allergenic & 100% biodegradable
  • Perfect gifts - newborns, birthdays & etc
  • 3 photo display side windows






*Video is shown for illustration purpose only.
Life has bits and pieces of beautiful memories we can look back and smile over, capture these precious moments and let them last forever.

DIY 3D Baby Hands & Feet Casting comes with everything you need to do to create a mould of your little one’s hands and feet and an elegantly crafted photo frame. With advanced and top grade Alginate powder, finest details of your child’s hands and feet will be realistically embedded.Each crease, fold or nail mark explicitly captured and engraved in the realistic mouldSafe & Simple to use, 100% non-toxin or allergenic, making it safe for your child’s soft skin.

Pakage included:

1 x 3D White Photo Frame (3 side windows)

1 x Detailed Instructions 
4 x Impression Powder (100g each)
1 x Trial Impression Powder (50g)
2 x Casting Powder (200g per bag)
1 x Trial Casting Powder (50g)
2 x Metallic water-based Paint Pigment. (Gold & Silver)
1 x Brush
1 x Glue

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