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DIY Baby Hands & Feet Casting Kit

  • Life has many small beautiful memories we look back upon and smile over.
  • Capture these precious moments and let them last forever.
  • Children grow up in a flash. Preserve their perfect little hand and foot print forever with this Baby Casting Kit.
  • Available colours:Baby Pink, Baby Blue, White
  • Display frame on your mantle or wall, next to family pictures.
  • Immortalise their foot and handprint as something to look back upon as you watch your child grow up.
  • Makes a thoughtful baby shower gift
  • How to use: 
        1. Remove the clay from its packaging, and knead for 3 to 5 minutes until it is soft.
        2. Insert the soft clay into the large section of the frame, and use a rolling pin or mug to create a smooth and flat surface.
        3. Press your baby’s hand and foot into the clay to make a hand and footprint.
        4. Please allow 48 hours for the clay to fully dry.
        5. Insert two small pictures into the frame cut-outs/
      • Entire Frame: 28 x 23 cm
      • Clay Mould: 16 x 12cm
      • Photo slots: 7 x 7cm
      • Comes with 1 White frame and 1 Clay of your desired colour


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