UV Arm Shaper | Shoppy
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UV Arm Shaper

    • Uneven wave-line knitting on fabric massage & burn fats on arm
    • Effectively achieve slimming effect
    • Protect arms against harmful effects of UV rays
    • 360° coverage ensure entire arm is well massaged & protected
    • Individual wear – convenient wearing & removing anywhere
    • Available in 2 colours – Black, Pink
    • Material: 12% Nylon, 88% Spandex
    • Suitable for arm circumference 20-30cm
    • Approximate length: 30cm
    • Fleshy arms only look adorable on babies and plush toys. Looking lean will be a piece of cake when you slip on these arm shapers. The 360° coverage ensures entire arm is well massaged and protected. It’s an apt clothing to wear when you’re driving too, as the long sleeved shaper shields your arms from UV rays.

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