6-in-1 Baby Chair | Shoppy
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6-in-1 Baby Chair

    • 6 times more functions than an ordinary baby chair
    • Follows your child through their growth
    • Multiple safety features for a peace of mind
    • Catered to both parent and child’s needs
    • Can be moved around the house easily with wheels
    • Comes with free food tray for your child to have his/her meals
    • Cushion available in 3 designs: Zebra, Monkey, Stars
    • Approximate dimension: (L) 43cm x (W) 45cm x (H) 106.5cm
    • Approximate weight: 9kg
    • Suitable for children from 6 months to 8 years (depends on size of kid)
    • Exclude delivery to address outside of Singapore .
      • Most baby chairs provide a fixed size of seat for the little one. How about purchasing a baby chair that has 6 times more functions than an ordinary baby chair and is fitting for your kid even when he or she has slightly grown up? As it follows your child through their growth, the baby chair can be customized to 6 modes and you, as a parent, would be able to use the chair too! Own one now in any of these sprightly designs today!

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