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3-in-1 Lens for iPhone 5

    • Model A consists of Fisheye + Macro + Wide Angle
    • Model B consists of Fisheye + Macro + Telephoto 5x
    • Model C consists of Fisheye + Macro + Super Wide 0.4x
    • Share professional photos in seconds
    • Attach or remove the lens in seconds
    • Macro applies a 10x zoom and focuses within 15-23mm of subject
    • Fisheye gives 180-degree view
    • Wide angle doubles the normal field of view
    • Super wide 0.4x almost triples the normal field of view
    • Telephoto gives a 5x zoom
    • Works with all your favorite apps like Instagram, Viddy, Cameraplus and many more
    • All models come with a Microfiber carry bag which doubles as a lens cleaner + 2 camera lens caps
    • High Clarity: Made of high-class glass
    • Material: ABS & top-grade Aluminum

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