Cycling Shoe Covers( Cinelli Black) | Shoppy
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Cycling Shoe Covers( Cinelli Black)

    • Shoecovers is a rain-repellent foot protection, and it meets the goal for both form and function
    • Coated Lycra keeps out light rain and road spray presenting the wind with a smooth, aerodynamic profile
    • The bottom has openings to accommodate most external road cleats
    • Material:   Lycra
    • Available in M(Size 39-40), L(Size 41-42), XL (Size 43-44)
    • More than just aerodynamics, the Shoe Covers were designed to protect your feet from cold weather and moisture during fast rides. The polyurethane coating shrugs off cold and precipitation to keep your shoes clean and your feet warm. Make winning combination of performance & style

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