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Authentic Swarovski Pen

    • 6 Designs Available:
      • Model A: Hello Kitty Head
      • Model B: Hello Kitty Guitar
      • Model C: Dress
      • Model D: Heart
      • Model E: Butterfly
      • Model F: Clover
    • Pen Size: 14.3cm length x 1cm diameter
    • Ink: Black
    • Include: Blue velvet drawstring + 2 refills (black color)
  • Come with 2 x Schmidt Mine 635 refills

    • Original brand of ink refills that would have come in your new Swarovski pen.
    • Length 67.10mm
    • Diameter 2.15mm
    • 1.0mm medium Point Tungsten Carbide ball
    • Stainless Steel tip
    • Available in Black color only
    • International D1 format
    • Works in Swarosvki, Cross Tech3, Cross Tech4, Lamy L401 L405 �� and many other brands using mini refills
    • Made in Germany


    To refill your Swarovski ball point pen:

    1. Unscrew the silver nib end portion anti-clockwise.
    2. This will reveal a small grey end that was once concealed.
    3. Unscrew this portion clockwise.
    4. Take the grey end off the old pen refill.
    6. Attach the small grey piece to the new refill and reassemble the pen.

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